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September 2008


by lulujane on September 7, 2008

When I was out driving the other day I noticed an elderly man sitting on a bench, with one hand resting on his wheeled walker. Stuck inside each of the handle grips was a children’s windmill. It told me a lot. I smiled to myself, thinking what a playful spirit that person must have, and was sorry that I couldn’t stop my car, go back, perhaps even introduce myself, and take a photo.

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Because I know who you are

by lulujane on September 6, 2008

I watch you move with ease
between related tasks
Observing, assessing, acting.

Each job done well
Something you have done
Many times before
And will do again.

The ease with which you work
Speaks to me of the level
Of your expertise
And comfort with what you know.

Some people mistakenly
Observe something done with ease
As something that is easy to do.
Such is not the case.

Like life lessons
each time we take an action
that mirrors something we have done before
It become easier.
Eventually it becomes a part
Of who we are.

I observe you in work mode
And navigating the challenges
of your life journey
With grace and compassion
As you live your truth
From a place of courage and integrity

There is nothing simple about you
or in what you do

I see in you
Beauty, greatness
I see the light
And innocence in you,

Because I know who you are

Linda Iler

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