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June 2015

Little Gift from Mom

by lulujane on June 1, 2015

IMG_0734(1)Last week I looked, really looked at the key ring that keeps my house key and my car keys secure. It has been there for a long time, likely over fifteen years, the white plastic whistle that my mother gave to me and each of my three sisters.  I refer to her as ‘mom’, and she always signed her cards ‘Mum”. My mother was born in 1921 and passed away on June 10, 1996 at the age of 75, and some time before that she gifted us with the whistles.

From her perspective, they were ‘rape whistles’ …. something we would have at hand to sound an alert if we needed to.

On Saturday I asked my sister Joyce if she remembered getting a whistle, and she didn’t. By email yesterday I messaged my other two sisters with the subject line “Do you remember…?”.  My youngest sister Dawn remembered, but doesn’t know where hers might be. In her response she commented “that was another way she was trying to keep us safe”, our mother.  Eldest sister Brenda had hers for a long time but doesn’t have it now and can’t remember what happened to it.

A few years ago my son Cary noticed it, and without skipping a beat  told me it was a Fox40, the first whistle manufactured that was made without a ball/pea.  Holding it close he read the faded fine print and sure enough, it was a whistle designed after its originator, a fellow Canadian, Ron Foxcroft, of Hamilton, Ontario.

In its place on my keyring it is dirty and thankfully I have had no need to use it.  Just another thing that I have taken for granted, held in my hand where I touch it every day, connecting with my mother and the setting of her intention to keep me safe.