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October 2015

Little things can really be big miracles

by lulujane on October 6, 2015

April 2008 (59)Today I feel called to write.  Once in a while I have these little aha moments that give me a small sense of bigger picture. This is a typical day of running errands and spending quality time with my dear friend Carol.

After lunch I delivered her to her hairdresser’s shop where she is scheduled for a perm and then headed home northward on Dougall Avenue, exiting onto the eastbound E. C. Rose Expressway.  Pleasantly passing the driving time I was listening intently to CD14, the last in a series of an audio book. This is a time when everything comes together.

My exit is the Jefferson North ramp that winds down sharply in a semi circular path and then onto the straightaway.  Just past my first traffic light I noticed a car parked on the shoulder with tail lights flashing.  A woman who looked in distress was walking near the car and shaking her arms and hands as if to calm them.  I drove by. Yes, I drove by and I remember thinking that if she needs help someone will be sure to stop and assist her. It ended up that this person was me.

My conscience got the best of me and a couple of blocks further down the road I decided to turn around.  I pulled into the roadway close to where her car was parked, turned off the ignition and walked toward her.  I asked if she was all right.

She asked if I could see her brake marks on the exit ramp.  Coming off the expressway her brakes had failed, totally.  As I talked with her, she seemed in shock.  She appeared distressed and her hands were shaking.  I reminded her that she was safe, that physically she was all right, and it was her mind that was racing about the ‘what if’.  I asked if I could touch her, and when she nodded her agreement I placed my right hand on her left shoulder and held it there.

I commended her by saying that she didn’t panic, and that her skill in driving and keeping her head about her in an emergency brought her car to where it was now, parked safely at the side of a busy road.  She thanked me for that and shared that in the past she had done some race driving. Peeking in the car window I noticed that even in the panic she had put her handbrake on.

Then she put her hands together in prayer fashion and raised them toward her face.  With her head tilted back she looked skyward and I heard her words “Thank you Linda”.  I took a bit of a deep breath and told her “My name is Linda”.  And then she told me her story.

Her best friend was Linda.  Linda died about seven years ago of lung cancer. Today was Linda’s birthday and she, with other family members were planning a party of celebration for her today. She was thanking her friend Linda for bringing her to safety today.

She made an offhand comment that maybe we should exchange telephone numbers, but I didn’t respond as I don’t think our meeting was about that.

When I first approached the scene she told he she had called her husband to assist, and he should be with her shortly. My newfound friend asked me three separate times for a hug, and each time I held her firmly to comfort her.

I told her that I had just come from church where I delivered a film saying “I am Linda …. and I Love You.” After we shared our Linda stories she looked calmer and more stable. She said “I am okay now … it’s okay for you to go.”.  I could see that she was much better, we waved, and I went on my way.

Blessed am I for the experience of it all.