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May 2018

Unconditional Love

by lulujane on May 5, 2018


This morning I heard a Eulogy spoken by the nephew of his deceased aunt. He spoke of being a 6 year old child who was afraid of the dark. Because he was scared, he would crawl into his aunt’s bed knowing she would cuddle him and make him feel safe. He reported that the downside of this was that he was a bedwetter. And sure enough, more often than not, he would wet the bed. That didn’t discourage her, or deter him, and again, when he was feeling afraid, he went to his aunt’s bedroom and crawled into bed with her where the cycle would repeat itself.

When he spoke of this aunt he was choking back emotion. He always felt loved and welcomed. When he walked into any room she received him with the kind of excitement and open arms that let him know he was loved.

This caused me to view this personally, in a metaphoric way. There are many people in our lives – family and friends. Sometimes people pee in the bed. Other times they may pee on your shoe (again, metaphorically). His story made me do a bit of self examination about the people I love, who I hope love me. Sometimes we all pee on someone else. I am hoping that in most instances most of us can be like this fellow’s aunt – where she invited him in, even though she knew he was going to pee the bed, because she loved him.