W.E.C.S.S.O. Slo Pitch Playoffs

by lulujane on September 22, 2009

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Lots of balls thrown today, hit and fielded. On Monday, September 14th, six teams (two in each of Divisions “A”, “B” and “C”) competed for bragging rights as league champions in the Windsor Essex County Senior Sports Organization Slo Pitch League.  Thanks to the meticulous care of the Sport Fest grounds crew, the baseball diamonds at Ciociaro Club on North Talbot Road were well groomed and in superior playing condition.

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One red team, one green and one blue, competed against the grey home teams on a beautiful late summer day.

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Some of the players and managers were serious, while a few others were lighthearted about the whole thing.

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Even though Russ wore his Goofy-like hat(s), at bat and on the field he transformed into a serious competitor.

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Hey, I thought this was a no contact sport!

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If you take time to view the playoff day photos at:  http://picasaweb.google.com/linda.bluepeony/WECSSOSloPitchPlayoffs# you will notice that the players were well supported by lots of fans who cheered and groaned along with them at tense moments of play.

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Lots of serious play on this day.  At times the tension was high – vastly different from the normal season play on weekday mornings from Monday through Thursday.

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I am thinking that some of the fellows might go home from the game and collapse in the Lazy-Boy in front of the t.v. nursing aches and pains.  On the other hand I saw a lot of healthy men playing a sport they love, enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of team members and competitors.

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Where would these teams be without their pitchers, consistent in their play?

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When all is said and done, it was a great season.  By the time the dust settled, the Cavemen were declared the winners in the “A” Division, the Gladiators in the “B” Division and the Retirees in the “C” Division.  Congratulations guys!

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Now that the season is finished, my frequent travels to the league games leaves me with many photographs to evidence the athleticism and dedication of the players, managers, umpires and executives.  The league and the players impressed me in many ways.

Thanks to the people who assisted me in my quest in recording all sixteen teams on digital images, for encouragement and kindnesses shown me, and gratitude expressed.  I must admit that there are days when I felt like “one of the boys”.

For anyone wishing to view photos of themselves or their team, links to a photo website are located in the article below entitled “Senior Men’s Baseball”.

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Michael Agius 09.18.11 at 12:18 pm

Where are the pictures of the championship finals?
Could you please add to the list of your site
Below is the information

SLO-Pitch results
The 2011 Champions of the C Division team Retirees

Game time 9.30
Date: Tuesday September 13th 2011
Place: Ciociaro – Baseball diamond #1
Teams: Pioneers — Retirees

Teams: Retirees wining the final 11 — 7
Coach Harry Corless

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