Perfect timing

by lulujane on January 23, 2011

Two days ago I came across a zip lock plastic bag containing some old toiletry items.  After looking through the items, one of them being a small bottle of an earache remedy, I tossed it all away.  The earache remedy had to have been 20 – 25 years old, tucked away and lost for a time inside the storage bag.

Today I was out visiting some family members and when I returned home there was a telephone message from Kay, a woman whom I last worked with in 1979.  She said that it wasn’t anything really important, and asked if I would call her back.

She had a question for me.  She remembered that when my children were small, they got frequent ear infections from swimming in our backyard pool. She asked if I remembered the name of the drug store product that I used to give them relief and help clear up the infection.  I mentioned my recent tossing out of some items and recalled that one of them was an earache remedy.  When I was going through those items I actually held this little bottle in my hand, silently wondering how it had stayed around in my cupboard for so long.  When doing so, I casually glanced at the brand name on the eardrop bottle.  When talking with Kay I couldn’t immediately bring its name to mind, but after a quick run up the stairs to see if it was still in my waste basket (it wasn’t), it came to me.

We both laughed when I mentioned the name Auralgan and with my friend on hold I Googled the name and found that it was indeed the name Kay was searching for.

I mentioned to Kay that I had been visiting my sister Brenda in Burlington this past week, and she asked if this was who I used to talk to on my lunch hour; the person who worked at Ford Motor Company.

These two things were among items of discussion this evening – I mentioned about what a great memory. Her response was that ” it’s too bad my memory isn’t that good when I’m talking with my doctor”.  These were memories of a friend who has been disagnosed with a form of dimentia, weaving her time between periods of  incredible  alertness with clear memory, and sometimes having difficulty finding the way back to her room at an assisted living residence.

If I hadn’t seen the name of this earache remedy within the last couple of days, I don’t believe I would have had a clue about it. Maybe this far outdated little bottle of Auralgan has hung around all these years, just waiting for Kay to ask the question.  Way cool!

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Pat Janisse 02.04.11 at 9:03 pm

Hi Linda ! I really believe in these coincidences – (or non-coincidences)…..
Pretty neat!

Tammy 02.06.11 at 11:30 pm

Love it! The recognition and the divine timing of the simplest things.

Ruth Ann Wilhelm 02.17.11 at 7:01 am

Such spiritual connectedness is way cool! I love it!

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