Singing in the rain

by lulujane on July 23, 2011

As I entered Costco, I glanced upward at dark clouds looming, entered the store and never gave them another thought.  Until it was time to exit that is.

Passing through the gauntlet of the posted clerk who reviewed my cash register receipt against the cart contents I observed many other cart pushers, groceries and products piled high and deep, waiting, as if for a parade to pass. In this instance it was a heavy downpour tumbling, splashing, spraying outside the protective canopy.

I stopped for a couple of minutes observing the scattered queue of people afraid to get wet – or nervous about having their new purchases sodden by the storm.  Checking the contents of my cart I stuffed some items into my sparkly pink and green carryon.  With a carefree motion even my extra large 18 pack of eggs was wedged in.  Eyeing the scatter mat I purchased for my kitchen floor I silently wondered if it would cover the cart contents.  Action responded to thought and with rubber backing exposed to the sky I fearlessly wound my way through stationery carts and waiting cart pushers to expose myself to the elements.

We enjoy swimming pools, hot tubs, showers and baths yet some people seem to have a fear of getting wet with their clothes on.  My initial concern was remembering exactly where I had parked my car – in the aisle to my left, or the one to my right. Once I knew  where I was going I was on task. A big surprise came as I approached my car and found myself wading ankle deep in puddled water.  Because it was a steamy, close to 100 degree Fahrenheit day I left my windows down a tad to allow the air to circulate.  Some rain had splashed its way onto some items left on the seat so I hurriedly unloaded my goods and responsibly strolled to return the cart to where it belonged.

With business taken care of I lifted my waterlogged sandals followed by my wet bottom into the front seat and started the car. Hot outside temperature and cool wet me caused the windows to fog.

The adult and the child in me were happy, smiling, ‘in the flow’  of things and on our way home happy for the opportunity and the experience of being in the rain.

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