A turn of phrase

by lulujane on September 22, 2012

1hThe other day as I was leaving my son’s home he was encouraging his 2 1/2 yr old daughter, my granddaughter, to kiss me goodbye’.  In the moment, she was reluctant and he kept encouraging her participation in the ritual.  Personally, I believe that if children are willing to give a goodbye kiss we can relish the moment, and if they are choosing to resist the suggestion”oh well, I’ll catch it later”.

All of a sudden my granddaughter, wearing a long sleeved white pullover, scowled and started rubbing her right elbow, pushing her sleeve from her wrist and up toward her elbow.  I looked at my son to ask what was the matter.  He said “well, think about it, what did you just say to her”?

I couldn’t think of anything I said that would give her a sore arm and after he coached me toward the answer I remembered saying “I’m not going to twist her arm to get a goodbye kiss.”

Perhaps in reading my comment it may sound a bit cold, but it wasn’t.  I just don’t believe in making a child kiss someone because they are told.

I was speaking in metaphor and my brilliant granddaughter was taking it literally, wondering if I was going to twist her arm. I have many bright grandchildren in my life, but at this time in my life I have  opportunity to spend more time with and observe this lovely child.

I continue to be amazed at how children interpret language and communicate and am reminded to be careful every day with the words I choose to speak.

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