Cash for Life

by lulujane on April 28, 2016

I am a grateful recipient of Canada’s Old Age Security which is dependably deposited into my bank account each month, without fail.  Often in the newspaper, on the radio or television news I read about persons who are not happy with their OAS and complain what benefits they believe other demographics (i.e. immigrants/First Nations people) receive that they do not enjoy.

Today is my sister-in-law’s 65th birthday.  I took time to deliver her card and gift this morning and mentioned that one of the good things about turning sixty-five was the cheque she will receive each month.  She responded with “my brother Mike calls OAS Cash for Life”.

If someone won a lottery in Cash for Life which would provide this amount of income each month, consistently and reliably, until death they do part, I imagine this would be a source of great happiness and might even be accompanied by excited telephone calls and  shouts of delight.  Heck, there might even be expressions of gratitude. A Cash for Life win would be nothing to just take for granted.

Years ago I worked at a law firm where I got generous Christmas bonus cheques which made me happy. One year, a person new to the firm received her first bonus cheque and was delighted.  She was so happy that she mistakenly revealed the amount to others.  She had only been there a few months, and yet proportionately, to some other bonus recipients, it felt to them that she didn’t deserve the large sum.  Gossip floated around, and even though most people were originally happy with their windfall, all of a sudden they were unhappy because they made comparisons with the good fortune of another.  This was a big lesson for me.  What I get, I should be happy for, and also happy for what others receive independent of me.

I am grateful for my Cash for Life.


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