Family Halloween Party – People and Costumes

by lulujane on November 3, 2008

Sue almost makes me wish I could be a witch if she could promise me I would look that great!

Catching butterfly Jhoan off guard results in catching a relaxed beauty.

Football player, Elephant, Smiling Werewolf and Bartender Diane

Although Michael came as a Pirate, he looks a bit like an Angel.
Michael tired of being a Pirate and Niki obliged by painting him a Tiger face.

I love playing in Photoshop to see what interesting things will happen. Here, Princess Leia poses with her costume made by Mark, hair by Sue – and an ice cream bowl.

Noah looks great in his Indiana Jones hat – way cool!

With this Photoshop filter Cary looks like he came from Star Wars.

Mark and Sue posing with Noah and Alex in their 2008 costumes.

Grrrr – Mark looks a bit like a scary thug.

Princess Leia – Alex is always willing to pose – thank heaven, and she gives me lots of opportunity to work with the images afterward.

Carly and Krista (Elephant and Werewolf) – if anyone can be scary and cute at the same time it is Carly and Krista.

A bit of Vincent Van Gogh and his Butterfly (Tom & Jho)

I have a lot more photos, but this is enough for one day, don’t you think?
Sorry to say I didn’t do a formal costume but when Niki came and I asked what she dressed up as on October 31, she looked at me, and said “just like you – a fitness instructor”… so she called it. I was a fitness instructor at the Halloween party. Next year I plan to be better prepared.


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