Angels in my life

by lulujane on December 17, 2008

I often reflect on the caring people I have attracted into my life.  Attracted in an innocent, uncontrolling, out-of-the blue, sometimes synchronistic way.  These include my family doctor, massage therapist, hair dresser, nail technician, friends, fellow-travellers, etc.

Lorie is one of these people.  Lorie is a beautiful young woman who has no concept of just how lovely she is. She is creative, artistic, caring and generous, among many other things.  Lorie is the professional who keeps my fingernails brightly coloured and well cared for.  Our nail sessions normally include personal conversations, sharing, and a feeling of trust, respect and gratitude one for the other.

Prior to my retirement in June of this year my appointments were always scheduled for 4:30 p.m. so that I could go to her home on my way home from work.  During that period of time, in addition to working on my nails, she provided dinner for me.  I was often met by apologies if dinner was left overs, or ‘just a hamburger’. She revealed that early in the day of my appointment she would be thinking ‘Linda is coming today – I can’t give her leftovers.  What can I make for dinner?’ …. lucky me!

My hair is normally worn in a pony tail swept toward either the right, or the left side of my neck. At present a French braid winds its way down one side and around the back of my head toward the pony tail.  At my Monday appointment she commented on my braid.  Followed by a revelation that she loves doing French braiding and that she has been doing it for years.  An invitation was offered that if I stopped by any time she would be happy to do it for me.

So, yesterday, on my way to visit another friend I stopped in at her workplace (by invitation) and she took a 10 minute break to wind my hair.  I am quite literally blown away by the continual flowing of her kindness and generosity to me.  And I appreciate her.  She knows this.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.  Her mother Rosie is also a good friend with a big heart.

I often reflect on the caring people I have attracted into my life.

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