Looking a gift horse/book in the mouth

by lulujane on March 20, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post and this recent  happening is aching to be shared.

A week ago I had a telephone call from Wendy, who works in the office of Northern Edge Algonquin www.northernedgealgonquin.com which is owned by my son Todd and his wife Martha.   Wendy told me that Martha wanted to mail me a book and needed my mailing address.  When Martha was in town a couple of weeks ago she enthusiastically, over the top for Martha pushing a book, raved about The Soul of Money www.soulofmoney.org, so my inquisitive self asked Wendy if this was the book she was sending.  “No” she said, it is another book. She didn’t seem eager to share the title, so I just sat and waited for this surprise gift book.

Five days later I found a brown manilla envelope sticking out of my mailbox.  I was on my way to visit a friend, so excitedly grabbed the envelope and drove for a few miles with it sitting on the passenger side of my Ford Escape… anticipating.   I was happy for a red light, which I admit I almost invited in so I would have time to open my envelope. I tore into the brown paper and holding tape because  I love nice surprises. Martha is often the bearer of nice surprises, so my expectation was realistic.

menopause-book4Looking a gift horse/book in the mouth, I was extremely disappointed when the cover came to life, emerging from its mangled wrapper.  ‘No more HRT – Menopause – Treat the Cause‘.  What is this?    In the confined space of my car I wondered, almost aloud, if we had discussed something that may have led Martha to thinking some solution might rest  in this collection of information for mature women. So much information.  So much data.  I’m not good at this. It makes my head swim.  Now I’m sure this is a really great book. I felt guilty about being disappointed.  I felt annoyed that there may be an expectation that I should be reading something I didn’t have an interest in spending time on.

When my friend Bonnie visited the same night I shared my story.  Bonnie knows Martha and seemed equally as confused. We made jokes about it,  We howled – both of us verbally and silently questioning what was behind all this.  In the middle of our conversation I felt the polite thing to do was to acknowledge the gift, so sent Martha the following Twitter message:

“Received a textbook in the mail today on menopause. Looks like good reading. What am I looking for? and, oh yes, thank you!”

I was relieved when I got Martha’s response:

“Sorry about that! Wendy was asked to mail it to Eileen! I forgot to bring it down with me on my last visit!

I Twittered back saying I would be happy to deliver the book to Eileen who is my former husband’s wife of many years, as well as a dear friend.

Whew – What a relief!  I was afraid I might have to read it to honour the gift.

Then I went on line and ordered The Soul of Money.  Some things a girl just has to do for herself.

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