May 2, 2009 and Jane’s Walk

by lulujane on May 2, 2009


Today was special for more reasons than one.  First of all, it is my eldest sister’s birthday.  And, I got to spend time with one of my younger sisters.  I picked her up at 7:45 a.m.  before we sped off to take in a couple of church yard sales.  We found some great deals before heading off to our 10 a.m. appointment to bottle some Cabernet Sauvignon.  After dropping her off, and fire brigade style moving her huge amount of ‘stuff’ into her basement, I headed to Taloolah’s Cafe on Devonshire Road to meet up with an enthusiastic group of people to do a walking tour of part of Olde Walkerville.  My son Tom and my daughter-in-law Jhoan were among the adventurers who showed up to explore this historic neighbourhood.


The gathering came together to honour Jane’s Walk.  On the Scaledown website is a detailed explanation of the who and why of people showing up for Jane’s Walks to enjoy, appreciate and learn more about their local communities.


For me, the walk was as much about the people as it was about the history.








Many of us showed up with comfortably worn cameras, each of us interpreting the day in our own way.











Following the walk, back at Taloolah I lunched with Tom and Jho where I found myself on a winding pathway of  lively, enthusiastic and sometimes serious communicating. I made a couple of new friends.

On the drive home, like it had a mind of its own,  my car skidded to a stop as it swerved into the left turn lane and then drove down the sloped driveway to the parking lot at Reaume Park.  Here, I breathed in and tasted the delicious sights of some wonderful spring flowers.  I took my time.

I think anyone would agree that today was a very special day indeed.

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Darren 05.02.09 at 7:03 pm

Great photos! I’m so out of touch with photography lately. I need to get out more but it’s more fun with other photographers.

lulujane 05.02.09 at 7:18 pm

Hi Darren…. thanks for your positive comment. I have been going through some florals that I shot today… more to come 🙂

How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days 05.04.09 at 4:20 am

Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts.

Chris Holt 05.04.09 at 5:37 am

Wonderful shots, Linda! You captured the best aspects of the walk – the folks who participated. Thank you so much for playing a part…

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