It felt like a hug

by lulujane on June 7, 2009

I got up yesterday morning intending to go to Art in the Park in Willistead Park and take in a few yard sales.  The sales were so plentiful and full of good deals that it didn’t take long for my friend Bonnie and me to fill up the back seat and rear storage space in my Ford Escape.  Many side streets in areas neighbouring Willistead Park take advantage of this weekend to bring their goods to the curb and put up a Yard Sale sign, taking advantage of the thousands of drive-bys who make Art in the Park an annual must.

One of the yard sales was on Wyandotte Street, a highly travelled thoroughfare.  Street parking was limited but with Bonnie detouring me to an offstreet city parking lot we were fine.  The real bonus was that due to a labour dispute the city workers who monitor these lots were not around to ensure that consumers/city taxpayers pay their due.  I chose not to go to the parking machine which ordered “PAY HERE”.


While walking back to the car I became aware that I  felt I had been given a hug.  Not paying for parking I mean.  It reminded me of how I feel when I visit one of the small towns in our County of Essex where I just find a spot, drive up to the curb and park my car – without having to dig into my change purse for change. And change to pay parking rates isn’t just a few cents any more.  More often than not the parking requires we dig deep for at least a two dollar coin, or in the alternative, two loonies.  To clarify for those not Canadian a loonie is a Canadian one dollar coin.

If I feel this way I am sure others might share this experience.  Some days it seems everyone has their hand out.

There are so many little ways to make our city better, more welcoming.

I know that our city has earmarked those parking meter/metered lot dollars for specific project AND it would sure be nice if they wanted to give us a hug once in a while with city wide free parking – just for the pleasure of  knowing how well it would be received. Tourists might also appreciate a welcoming feeling from this kind of hug.

We spent all our cash on street sales and went home with car and hearts full and wallets empty. We never did make it to Art in the Park.

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