Shift in Perception

by lulujane on December 19, 2008

It is said that the miracle is in our shift in perception.

I remember my early days of active photography.  I thought my photographs were incredibly wonderful.  When I look at these now I am embarrassed that I excitedly touted them around showing them to friends and family.  I am grateful that they didn’t burst my balloon and  I am glad that I perceived them that way initially because that is what kept me at it and moved me forward.

My vision, the way I see the world, often the way I choose to see the world, is my perception of it.  As I tiptoe through the tulips so to speak, I silently ask to be shown the beauty.  And I do find it.  I believe it is the same in the people we meet.  By opening my heart and asking to see it, it is revealed to me.  This makes me a softer, gentler, more accepting person.

As human beings, when we make judgments about others, it doesn’t say so much about them as it does about us.  If we choose to hold a negative opinion or a grudge and seize it tightly so that no one an wrench it from us, it holds us back. It keeps us stuck.  Holding firmly to the belief that we are superior or right and the other person is wrong leaves no room for negotiation. No space to breathe.  No way to escape. We become imprisoned.

I  had the personal experience of praying for a solution to an uncomfortable working relationship.  And then one day, totally out of the blue I had peace around it.  Where once I saw him as a jerk, and names worse that I won’t write here, I began to see the other person as a good man and became his friend.

Oddly enough, after I stopped fixating on what an awful person I believed him to be, I also learned to detach from outcome of the things in my job that I felt I had to control.  I see this as a big life lesson and appreciate the connection I had with him because ‘I got it’. My willingness to want peace around my daily interactions with this gentleman surprisingly gave me the gift of letting go of my need to control.

It is said that the miracle is in our shift of perception.

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