I hate to pack

by lulujane on December 23, 2008

untitled-1Don’t know if there is a solution, but the absolute worst thing for me related to travel is the dreaded P word…. PACKING  –  and despite efforts to do it a different way, I always leave it until the last minute.  I have no idea how my problem can be solved.  Luggage  feels like a necessary evil – if I want to travel and if I don’t want to be caught short I gotta do what I gotta do. I sense that  my dilemma has something to do with making choices.

In my day-to-day I am organized, prepared and best of all – I am spontaneous. I do have to admit that my Ford Escape is usually a storage place for extra jackets, tripod, Kleenex, books, gum, hand lotion, eye glasses, sun glasses…. I think you get the picture.  Right now I have three pairs of gloves and mitts in my back seat.  When I have the freedom to have my personal vehicle accessible, the sky is the limit in what I am able to bring with me.

Packing for air travel is another story.  I have limitations. Shoes are always a challenge when packing for a flight – do I need running shoes, sandals, high heels, beach shoes?  Heck, that alone probably weighs five pounds.  It is always necessary to pack a hair dryer and curling iron.  I have travelled with other people who choose not to pack theirs and ask to borrow mine.  Why can’t I do that?

Florida bound in January for a month-long stay, so I’d better go prepared.  On the other hand, my host and I both love exploring in the vintage/resale/consignment stores where there are always lots of treasures to be found.  I’m wondering aloud – hmmmmmmm – going empty  and returning home full might be a good idea.  Then the suitcase is only burdensome one-way.

It is quite shocking when I realize just how heavy my clothes are.  I notice this more when I have to carry it, drag it, lift it.  Dropping it into the suitcase requires little effort but lugging it around does.  Sort of like another kind of baggage, problems, judgments and anger.   I know that the weight of these could deplete me if I choose to drag them along like a sack of rocks.  So I take the path of least resistance by hanging on to the lighter things like laughter,  joy, appreciation, gratitude,  acceptance, etc.

Gee, I wonder if I could do the same thing with packing – taking along only the lighter things – the  things that give me joy!

Note:  A post/post – I am feeling a bit vindicated; like, I’m not alone in this.  Within about a half hour of posting this I was working on a crossword.  One of the clues was ‘traveler’s burden’.  Guess what the answer was.

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Jamie Lees 12.24.08 at 11:09 am

Hi Linda!

Is the answer “suitcase?”

Here are my packing tips…
I always “pack on paper” first, about a week prior to the trip. Have a location that you place everything as you gather it. Do not pack the case(s) until the day before.

For clothing:
I write down each day I will be there… Mon., Tues., etc. I divide each day into night and day, (incase there are activities planned for each that require different outfits.)

Then while relaxing in front of the TV or on a lunch break, I imagine myself in that activity. Then I list everything needed from underwear and shoes to hair ties to jewelry for that day.

Things to Bring:
I make 3 other “running lists” (usually keep these on my kitchen counter.) One is “Things to Bring.” Items include NON clothing, shoes or accessories. Items like camera, extra film, gift for Susie’s dog, etc. I continue to add to the list as I recall things during the week. Check off as you gather items.

Things to Do:
This is the second “running list” I keep, “Things to Do” (also kept on the kitchen table.) This list includes things I must do before the trip. May include wash my red blouse, cancel the paper, change my phone message, call mom etc. Check off as you do.

Things to Buy:
This is the final “running list” I keep, “Things to Buy” (also kept on the kitchen table.) This list includes items I must purchase to bring on the trip and may include my favourite magazine, gum, hand sanatizer etc. Check off as you purchase.

As I gather some of these physical items, I put them in a certain area of the house. When I begin to pack the day before the trip, I use these three lists and check stuff off as I place it into the case.

It’s that EASY!!!

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