Footloose – Sailing in September

by lulujane on September 7, 2009


I have been to the Cedar Island Yacht Club twice in the past few months.  Both times to make photographs.  Once from a stationary race boat, a tug.  The second time from Footloose, a sailboat owned by Frank and Wendy Foote, that was actually in the race.


From the tug I could catch sailboats circling the race boat like piranhas in anticipation of an official start, and on their return leg to cross the finish line.  Limiting to some degree, and exciting in others.


My CIYC’s Labour Day Regatta was an entirely different experience physically, emotionally and artistically. Shifting sides of the boat when our captain orchestrated a tack my job was to stay out of the way of the crew who eagerly and efficiently adjusted the sails.


From my front row seat, sort of like a bird’s eye view, I often had to balance in awkward positions and brace myself with my legs to keep from being tossed around, and to give me a semi-stable position to shoot photos.



In addition to the photos displayed with this post I am including a link to more.  This link pertains only to Footloose and crew. . More to come in future of other sailboats in the race that day.


These links are from the regatta I shot in July at the Cedar Island Yacht Club from the official race boat.


Photographically, this summer has been an adventure into new avenues of making pictures.  I had lots of fun doing this, meeting new people, and enjoying my time outside in our beautiful summer weather.




Thanks to Wendy and Frank, Rachel, Seann and Grace for their hospitality and willingness to share their boat with me and to their yacht club for the courtesy shown me on this Labour Day weekend in 2009.

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Tom Lucier 09.07.09 at 2:24 pm

These are phenomenal Mom!!!
Holy cow! The people in these photos (yes I know the familiar ones) must be totally thrilled by these images…
My goodness, do you have a sharp eye!
So proud!

grace enns 09.07.09 at 4:33 pm

thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, i love them!!!!!!! your a great photographer ans well as a wonderful crewmate! im so happy to have bene able to share our labour day regatta with you! thanks again,

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