My Personal Philosophy about my photography

June 2011

Being immersed in photography makes time stand still. In this space I claim the role of observer. Photography creates an unhurried world where I can look closer and deeper, sometimes beyond the surface that is seen. What I am unable to perceive with my eye, is often recognized through my heart space.  My best work doesn’t come from me, but through me and through the grace of my subject matter.

Photography invites me to behold emotion and elusive beauty and make it visible. Some things that may appear unattractive at a quick glance can become exquisite through a shift in perception.

Photography, for me, is a satisfying and yet an insatiable desire.  It can be a waiting game requiring patience and it is exciting when reflexes must respond to spontaneous actions of fleeting candid moments. When I am open and take time to respond to what I witness I believe it has purpose. I am hopeful that others are able to share this experience with me and interpret the subject matter through their own senses.

My camera is an extension of the filters through which I see the world. It works and plays with me to reveal what is graciously, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes shyly shown to me.

Personal mission statement:  To encourage and support myself and others to achieve their highest potential and power.