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Lots of things going on in here…

by lulujane on December 4, 2010

As I say `Lots of thinking going on in here..` I am tapping on my right temple with the middle finger on my right hand, the finger next to the finger that wears my nice gold cameo ring.

Every morning I check my iGoogle home page for words of wisdom.  I already have lots of them, know lots of them, often writing down the ones that ring true for me.  And, on a moment`s notice in an appropriate situation I can conjure up and quote my favourites as if I am expert.

Today`s offering from iGoogle is `This one step – choosing a goal and staying to it – changes everything.` (Right now I am frustrated with my computer putting an apostrophe when I want a quote mark, and my wisdom is telling me to ignore it – that it doesn`t really matter. And in the grand scheme of things, I know it doesn`t matter, so on I go.)

Speaking of `this one step`… quite often for me, I know the wisdom in taking an important step, is in choosing to remain still, until I feel that the moment is right.  And that is MY bit of wisdom for this day – December 4, 2010. Maybe that is why I am choosing to ignore my present issue with the quote marks.

My bit of wisdom from yesterday, December 3, is that I don`t want to count birthdays anymore – henceforth, I shall be, and I am 55 years of age.  Even this is much older than I feel, but the double 5`s sound nice rolling off my tongue and they look pretty standing beside each other. I am thinking that each year adding a year to my age can make me feel older than I feel, older than I actually am in my mind, body and heart.  Stating my age to someone who doesn`t know me can also influence how others feel when they relate to something, or make a judgment about a number. So, no more getting out the calculator to deduct my birth year from the current year, to give me an increasingly larger result.  When my children`s ages start to overlap mine, then I might have to rethink this, but for now, 55 is a darned good thing.

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