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Anna Maria Island

The simpler math of tipping

by lulujane on February 28, 2009

dscn2290Many in the service industry depend on tips to supplement their income.¬† At the Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island, Florida our receipt¬† included information which presented the calculation of three percentage choices (15%, 17.5% and 20%) “for your convenience” to assist the customer in calculating their tip. It made figuring out my bill so much easier. In previous years our Ontario PST and GST combined to add 15% in taxes onto bills, so many people here just added the taxes to figure out a 15% tip if that was their level of tipping.

Although this receipt information may be utilized by merchants in my local community, I haven’t seen it yet.¬† The way I see it, it not only benefited me in helping me to calculate my tip, but also the serving staff who would receive it.

Bravo to Sandbar Restaurant.