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We are all the same

by lulujane on August 9, 2008

As I write this I am watching bits and pieces of the Olympics in Beijing. Already many things are touching my heartstrings, and I am conscious of what I am responding to. I am looking beyond the athletic prowess of the competitors and who emerges with the ultimate rewards for their efforts. I see the faces of children; I see the faces of young men and women. No matter what country they are from, people are basically the same.

I am thinking today of the power of the accumulated energy and intentions of everyone involved in the presentation of these Games, particularly the individual athletes, their coaches and trainers. I am thinking of the hard work and commitment of everyone. Mind boggling. I am thinking of personal sacrifice of the athletes’ families. Every individual has their personal story.

I am thinking that much good will come to the world stage from this year’s Summer Olympics far beyond the value of the athletic performances.

China is showing the world its best face. As I referred to above, I am seeing the faces of people at this Olympics this time. People who get up each morning and put their pants on one leg at a time, just like we do. People who care about their families. People who love and are loved. People who work hard and do their best. People with hopes and dreams. This same description applies to all peoples of the world. We can have personal favourites. We can cheer for our country. I am cheering for everybody this year.

While watching the Canadian broadcast today I had a blessed awareness. I believe that these games cannot help but influence in a positive way how our North American populations will see the Chinese people in our countries. We will see them through a more positive, accepting filter. I am imagining people being more open to eye contact and smiling at strangers.

We are more the same than we are different – and this is a good thing.

Linda Iler