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Accepting invitations

by lulujane on December 21, 2008

chads-cd-release-dec-08-84201How many times do we turn down invitations to do something outside what is normal for us?  The invitation is offered, we think for a short moment, shake our head and simply say ‘no’…  I am thinking it really limits our life experience when we shut out what might not ‘speak to us’  for the simple reason that we aren’t open to trying new things.  My friend Gail often laughs at me when I say that something doesn’t ‘speak to ME’.

My youngest son, Tom, coaxes me out – to explore, experience new things and new people.  He is a supporter, person of great encouragement, not only to me, but to family, friends, planners, dreamers, organizers, people of vision, people of action, musicians, writers, visual artists, etc.  Through his invitation to me, I meet with him and a group of this demographic once a week.  I hear ideas, plans, projects.  One of this group’s members is Chad Howson. Chad is lead singer, musician, song writer of a band called Another Saturday Knight.  Their Chad-designed logo is ASK.

Yesterday, Another Saturday Knight had a CD release party – two really;  an all ages one at Dr. Disc on Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, Ontario and an evening show at Phog Lounge on University Avenue in the same city.

Project Thunderwind – Members of our Thursday meeting group are encouraged to invite others to echads-cd-release-dec-08-4xbwx420vents and activities outside their norm.  So, to this CD release party, I invited my 14 year old granddaughter Krista.  Tom brought his brother-in-law Trevor.  In addition to supporting people in the arts and music, he is big on supporting people who are also supporting these things.  Hence, my invitation to Krista to Dr. Disc.   Dr. Disc is an independent music store whose owner/operator is one of these people.  Tom has often praised Liam to me and even though I only had a quick introduction and a warm handshake, I understood.

I took early retirement from my full time job in June of this year (soon to be last year) and it is with gratitude and joy that I sit in the circle with these young people with passion and talent.  Chad, being one of these people, is what made me want to attend the CD release party.  This was also an opportunity for me to check out this independent music venue.  Likely typical for someone of my age, encouraged by Tom to browse while listening to Another Saturday Knight, I ended up buying CD’s by Enya, Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan and, believe it or not, Marty Robbins.  We even threw one in for Krista – her choice – for a grand total purchase of around $48.  I will be back.

And so, invited and encouraged, I have learned, I have been open to adventure, and I have grown.