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Lady in red

by lulujane on August 7, 2009

Earlier this week I visited my friend Betty at her Colchester summer cottage.  I am not one who can sit still for long (unless I am vegging out of course), and quickly suggested that we go for a ride.  I had been wondering where Cedar Beach Island was.  When I shot a July regatta at Cedar Island  Yacht Club I wondered where it got its name, because obviously it wasn’t on an island. I simply drove off the main road into its parking lot.

Betty knew where the ‘island’ was located.  With our destination plotted, off we went. A couple of roads past the yacht club we turned right.  Another right.  Over a little bridge and we were there.  The small lots and narrow streets reminded me a bit of Toronto Island.  It felt like such fun to be there.  After winding down all the residential streets which took about three minutes, we went to the beach.

It was a fiercely windy day.  Sunny and warm.  We got out of the car, walked toward one of the few picnic tables, quickly claiming it as our own.  As I settled onto the bench I watched Betty walk toward the beach, eagerly wetting her feet in the churning surf.


I have my camera with me most of the time, never knowing when a special moment will present itself.



I guess I should explain about the ‘island’…. it appeared to be an island because of the canals meandering around the yacht club property on the mainland. I don’t know if it is really an island or not, but I sure enjoyed being there, tossed by the furious wind,  enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the image of my friend as she too, enjoyed our moments at the beach.

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Family Halloween Party – People and Costumes

by lulujane on November 3, 2008

Sue almost makes me wish I could be a witch if she could promise me I would look that great!

Catching butterfly Jhoan off guard results in catching a relaxed beauty.

Football player, Elephant, Smiling Werewolf and Bartender Diane

Although Michael came as a Pirate, he looks a bit like an Angel.
Michael tired of being a Pirate and Niki obliged by painting him a Tiger face.

I love playing in Photoshop to see what interesting things will happen. Here, Princess Leia poses with her costume made by Mark, hair by Sue – and an ice cream bowl.

Noah looks great in his Indiana Jones hat – way cool!

With this Photoshop filter Cary looks like he came from Star Wars.

Mark and Sue posing with Noah and Alex in their 2008 costumes.

Grrrr – Mark looks a bit like a scary thug.

Princess Leia – Alex is always willing to pose – thank heaven, and she gives me lots of opportunity to work with the images afterward.

Carly and Krista (Elephant and Werewolf) – if anyone can be scary and cute at the same time it is Carly and Krista.

A bit of Vincent Van Gogh and his Butterfly (Tom & Jho)

I have a lot more photos, but this is enough for one day, don’t you think?
Sorry to say I didn’t do a formal costume but when Niki came and I asked what she dressed up as on October 31, she looked at me, and said “just like you – a fitness instructor”… so she called it. I was a fitness instructor at the Halloween party. Next year I plan to be better prepared.




by lulujane on September 7, 2008

When I was out driving the other day I noticed an elderly man sitting on a bench, with one hand resting on his wheeled walker. Stuck inside each of the handle grips was a children’s windmill. It told me a lot. I smiled to myself, thinking what a playful spirit that person must have, and was sorry that I couldn’t stop my car, go back, perhaps even introduce myself, and take a photo.

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by lulujane on August 16, 2008

Some people are afraid

of change.



of staying the same.

Life is fleeting

an adventure

in constant flow.

When things are stagnant

for long periods

Ho hum, hum drum.

Feeling uneasy

in armchair of laziness –

should be doing something.

drudgery of sluggish routine

suffocates motivation &

spontaneous creativity.

Filling time

with pleasurable pursuits

that “speak” & are heard


intuitive whispers

that alert & guide

Focus elusive.

Easily distracted

by eager eye taking in,

magnetic energy attracting

whirling sights & sounds


On precipice of risk

testing self

Urged to explore

each new place

where freedom allows

choice –

detaching from


Sampling & savoring

sweet morsels

manifesting feasts

creating rich reality

in delectable smorgasbord

called life.

Stepping out

daring & fearless

Saying “why not?”

keeping energy fluid

merging into rivers

inspired to navigate

Feeling brave.

Opening up

excavating hidden talents

discoveries match desires

Meeting people

unknown before


in new ventures.

Heart sees.

Beauty & vulnerability

strength & courage



to stay

with one thing

as principal focus.

Difficult to figure…


or fear

that following it further

might bring elevation

to level of skill

where more

is demanded.


Gentle with innocent


accomplishment pleases

Not shackled

by traps of youth

when perfection

determined value.

Favour of others pleases

it does not


self perception.


if there is

doubt of not measuring

high enough

on yardstick

of self determined

rule of success

Likely closer

to hunger of what urges

is grace of insatiable appetite

to learn anew,


to bathe in the freshness

of each new day

to peek nose into space

where shaft of light

reveals itself at doorway’s edge

nudge it open

and enter

to take rightful place.

As a child critcized,

judged as nosy

“You just don’t want to miss out on anything do you?”

Statement right

Judgment wrong

Truth is

blessed with curiosity

of a puzzled child


wanting to know more

longing to understand

Tasting, nourished

from the banquet

where inner promptings

direct to new menus


unfamiliar, tempting main courses

& desserts

delighting in surprises

gliding gracefully on

Wafting like a breeze

on zephyrs of change

big toe in water

feeling, testing

engaging to level

where thermostat

of comfort zones

registers interest & pleasure.

Relishing excitement & lightness

acknowledging presence of butterflies

spreading wings

& moving

ever forward.

Engaging loops & levels

on landscapes of life.


the comfort of familiarity.

rubbing against it

like a child

feeling cozy & safe

snuggled close to mother

in church pew,

nuzzling face

clinging to warmth of texture

& smells

of worn

muskrat fur coat.

Passion vibrates

heart sings

expressing photographic gift


by eye & heart enveloping beauty

seen & sensed,

unceasingly seduced

to look beyond surface



in shining light

of beauty pool

where sacred subjects

reveal reflections

of souls

And time stops.



& student

in game of life



like seasons

jumping in,



merged with the stream

& growing into awareness of

the glory





Spring’s Promise

by lulujane on August 14, 2008

Springtime arouses
Creative growing season
with promise.

Anticipating joy
What will be revealed
to senses?

To everything, a season
Nothing permanent
Perhaps this drives
Feelings of urgency
To record exquisite flavour
of what seen
With eyes and heart.

Yearning intimate connection
Ultimate desire

Some say
“I don’t see what you see”
Pray to see beauty
Open to receive.

So, rejoicing
Stepping into
growing room
Seeking jewels
Abounding in nature

And other things

Linda Iler
March 5/08