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Shiny shoes

by lulujane on April 28, 2016

As a very young child there was a shoemaker shop a couple of blocks from where I lived. When I walked by I loved hearing the sound of the machinery that drove the belts, and I have memory of the smell of leather, shoe polish and glue that drifted out an opening door.

When shoes were taken for repair, as shoddy as they may have looked when handed over to the master in the black, brown and oxblood polish stained apron, even if the repair was a small one, they were returned to the owner shining like the sun, restored to their former brilliance.

Last week I took a pair of shoes to a local shoe repair shop, leaving them to have a heel replaced. When I returned to pick them up, the finish on the leather was as dull as when I dropped them off. While I realize that I did not pay for a spit polish, and the heels were expertly done, I was surprised that I felt a level of disappointment.

Many craftsman see the finished product they present as a reflection of themselves, their art, and go above and beyond what is expected to show what they can do. This makes ‘them’ shine.

When my shoes didn’t shine it gave me pause, and in a negative way, speaking about myself, I made a judgment about my perception of the level of care I received, even though the work I paid for was performed in a professional way.


Because I know who you are

by lulujane on September 6, 2008

I watch you move with ease
between related tasks
Observing, assessing, acting.

Each job done well
Something you have done
Many times before
And will do again.

The ease with which you work
Speaks to me of the level
Of your expertise
And comfort with what you know.

Some people mistakenly
Observe something done with ease
As something that is easy to do.
Such is not the case.

Like life lessons
each time we take an action
that mirrors something we have done before
It become easier.
Eventually it becomes a part
Of who we are.

I observe you in work mode
And navigating the challenges
of your life journey
With grace and compassion
As you live your truth
From a place of courage and integrity

There is nothing simple about you
or in what you do

I see in you
Beauty, greatness
I see the light
And innocence in you,

Because I know who you are

Linda Iler

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