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Lots of things going on in here…

by lulujane on December 4, 2010

As I say `Lots of thinking going on in here..` I am tapping on my right temple with the middle finger on my right hand, the finger next to the finger that wears my nice gold cameo ring.

Every morning I check my iGoogle home page for words of wisdom.  I already have lots of them, know lots of them, often writing down the ones that ring true for me.  And, on a moment`s notice in an appropriate situation I can conjure up and quote my favourites as if I am expert.

Today`s offering from iGoogle is `This one step – choosing a goal and staying to it – changes everything.` (Right now I am frustrated with my computer putting an apostrophe when I want a quote mark, and my wisdom is telling me to ignore it – that it doesn`t really matter. And in the grand scheme of things, I know it doesn`t matter, so on I go.)

Speaking of `this one step`… quite often for me, I know the wisdom in taking an important step, is in choosing to remain still, until I feel that the moment is right.  And that is MY bit of wisdom for this day – December 4, 2010. Maybe that is why I am choosing to ignore my present issue with the quote marks.

My bit of wisdom from yesterday, December 3, is that I don`t want to count birthdays anymore – henceforth, I shall be, and I am 55 years of age.  Even this is much older than I feel, but the double 5`s sound nice rolling off my tongue and they look pretty standing beside each other. I am thinking that each year adding a year to my age can make me feel older than I feel, older than I actually am in my mind, body and heart.  Stating my age to someone who doesn`t know me can also influence how others feel when they relate to something, or make a judgment about a number. So, no more getting out the calculator to deduct my birth year from the current year, to give me an increasingly larger result.  When my children`s ages start to overlap mine, then I might have to rethink this, but for now, 55 is a darned good thing.

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Everyone is talking about Randy

by lulujane on July 30, 2008

About three or four months ago I downloaded Randy Paush’s Last Lecture. Last night Diane Sawyer did a final show on him, following close on the heels of his passing last week.

I believe that because his story was so dramatic, that he is such a likeable guy and that he had much worth saying, it touched the world deeply, and will continue to do so. Am pondering whether it was his life mission to educate the world, during and after his life (through his speech, writing and the videos/interviews recording parts of his life as he talked about what he believed). I wrote that last sentence as a questioning, when I should have written it as a statement. Although he was intelligent, he was also wise.

I’m having difficulty as I write because I slip back to past tense when my inclination is to write in the present where so much of him is still operating through his teaching.

I am thinking that there are many people who have a lot of wisdom and have a lot to say. I’m glad that Randy Pausch had the time, the articulation, and the resources to share his life and his message so publicly with the world. At the end of his Last Lecture he noted that the speech wasn’t written for the audience, it was written for his children. Lots of us could fall into that category.

Randy seemed to be all about loving, fun, truth and belief in self, always encouraging others to reach for their highest potential.

His life was important and his message(s) far reaching. He is/was a good man and a powerful spiritual teacher.

Linda Iler